Every content creators worst nightmare is running out of ideas. So you followed the advice, niched down, discovered an area you are super good in, found your dream audience and came into town hard with the loudest horn blaring. But now you’re running out of fuel and don’t want to be slowed down. Don’t fret, every creator has experienced this at some point.

Yes, this happened to me and not so long ago! So on some random night while I was prowling the internet, I come across insight on engaging your ideal audience which is quite simple but it turned out to be a very effective technique for fresh content creation.

Start with direct engagement with your audience. It’s pretty straight forward really … ask and it shall be given. This is where your audience takes an active role in contributing to content creation ideas through questions and invitations to write about and they suggest possible content they would like to interact with. You can then take all this input and brainstorm new content ideas.

Content Management - An alphabet soup

Alternatively, you can engage with your audience indirectly through data mining. You often have to be a bit creative because you can get too many irrelevant hits in your search that don’t actually help in creation ideas. When data mining, you can look up established creators or those with a substantial following of your ideal audience and gather content ideas from them or even create something that you find lacking from the already existent content; borrowing a leaf out of their book so to speak. Naturally you are only taking ideas, not breaching copyright.

Finally there’s this technique I came across, the ABC content creation method, It turns out it was borrowed from a book authored by the founder of Clickfunnels, ‘Traffic Secrets’ by Russell Brunson. Here you are essentially using the good old search engine but with something a little bit extra added at the end of your search. You know your market and you know what your audience is looking for. This technique is something very simple and it doesn’t need much engagement.

Think of a key phrase that your audience would be interested in. Let’s say is your ideal audience is a secretary or a virtual assistant would be ‘how to manage my email’. For every search, add a new letter at the end and write what comes up as a potential content creation idea. Some examples:

‘How to manage my email A’ brings up:

  • ‘how to manage my email address’
  • ‘how to manage my email addresses in Gmail
  • ‘how to manage my email accounts on Godaddy’

‘How to manage my email Z brings up:

  • ‘how to manage my email zip’
  • ‘how to manage my email zaful’
  • ‘how to manage my email zoom’

etc. I reckon you catch the drift.

What this does is it gives you even more ideas of what your ideal audience is already looking for and how much of that content has already been created, so that you, as the creator, can come in and fill that gap effectively with all new information. Use all the letters in between and you’ll have a solid list of content creation ideas.

What are you still here for? Get those ideas going!