Kind words & Love Notes …

Hello, Thank-you for offering to give me a testimonial. Although I don’t have a template, I do have a few questions you may consider as a starting point.

  1. When you found Enterprise by Design what problem did you need help with?
  2. Why did you choose to ask me to help?
  3. Did I solve your problem?
  4. Was my solution appropriate?
  5. What made you feel good about my approach?
  6. Would you recommend me to your peers & colleagues?
  7. Will you contact Enterprise by Design in the future if you require their expertise?

Once you have thought through your answers it should be easy to put them into a testimonial. An example might be …

“I asked Enterprise by Design to help me with –––––– . Jinny Coyle listened to what I needed & –––––– .  I really liked her ––––––––– & found my experience ––––––––––– . I recommend Jinny at Enterprise by Design to people who need –––––––––––.”

There you go, easy peasy…. be as kind & generous as you feel comfortable & is truthful.

I grant permission for EbD to add my image/logo to my testimonial on their online marketing & promotional materials


13 + 9 =

Thank-you for your testimonial. As we all know social proof is important in today’s business landscape. Your words will certainly add to my ‘street cred’.

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