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Content Creation Hacks: Make a Splash!

Do you love writing content? You know, the good stuff. Useful, relevant information your clients or target demographic (avatar) will not only want to read, but will want to share. For many, writing is a struggle. You might be an expert in your specialised field but...

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let’s talk images

or technology: not for the faint hearted So today I did my first facetime live &, I hate to admit it, but it sucked big time! not because I hadn't prepared – I spent all day yesterday preparing. not because I didn't know my material - I've spent decades...

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FREE May 2017 wallpapers & social memes

With May Day starting the month, some of our favorite days this month are Eat What You Want Day (May 11) No Dirty Dishes Day (May 18, closely followed by World Whisky Day (May 20 & National Scavenger Hunt Day (May 24). Download your free May 2017 “Days of the Year”...

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April 2017 device wallpaper & memes

Starting off with April Fools Day, let's have a bit of fun this month. Friday the 7th is National No Housework day, Mon 10 is the day for siblings to celebrate while Friday the 14 is 'That Sucks' day & on the 25th plumbers will be delighted to be hugged! Download your...

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March 2017 device wallpaper & memes

Did you know that March 15 is true confessions day or that the 29th is Smoke & Mirrors day or that March 31 is World backup day so you have at least one data backup per year (well I guess that was before cloud storage came about)? Download your free March 2017 "Days...

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What do frogs & business have in common?

Is running your business a juggling act? Was your plan to start keeping track of your time better in this year? If it was, you aren’t alone. One of the most challenging things you’ll learn in business is also one of the most difficult things you’ll learn in life – how...

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free eBook: WordPress SEO 101

Get More Traffic to your website Of all the tech question that I’m asked on a regular basis, the ones that pop up the most often are around SEO. Getting your website to rank in search engines is essential to driving traffic to your business. One of the easiest ways to...

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canva fonts – scroll no more!

Canva is a brilliant tool for creating your social or blog images. The problem is that, if you don’t have a defined brand style guide, you can end up wasting lots of time scrolling through Canva's 100+ fonts to find the one that works best with your message … this is...

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fillable 2017 Social Media calendar

There are some tasks that always seem to fall by the wayside when things get busy. One of those things is content marketing. Writing blog posts, social media updates, and newsletters can become a struggle. Often the problem during busy times is just not knowing what...

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... you need to know about Effective web design is complex! You have to worry about mobile accessibility, design aesthetics, user friendliness, SEO, and so much more. When you consider just how many mistakes one could make and how dearly those mistakes could cost you...

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DIVI: 100 days to version 3

After 100 days of tempting us by giving us a goody a day, Elegant Themes has finally launched their flagship theme DIVI 3. Just in case you missed out, here are the links for each day. If there was a free download I've listed the name below the heading & you'll find...

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We've taken 4 of our most popular articles & put them into a book for you to download & have at your finger tips. where to find FREE stock images: the ultimate list stock images: you get what you pay for understanding copyright (in particular CC0) who else is using...

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