How to propare for your business photo shootFor those who are thinking about doing brand photos soon, here’s my advice on the types of photos to make sure you have on your shot list:

  • Multiple shots (in multiple outfits) of you working on your laptop. Most of us run online businesses, so these are really great images to have on hand for a number of marketing and social media purposes.
  • Some good shots you can use for “celebration” type posts. I chose to do mine with champagne – because I love it and wanted to infuse my real personality – but anything that conveys excitement or celebration will work. You can use this to celebrate your own wins or client wins.
  • Plenty of shots where you’re looking directly at the camera. These are the best photos to use for social media profile photos and headshots. Also they’re great for connecting with new folk. I always use a shot where I’m looking directly at the camera when I’m introducing myself in a new Facebook group or inviting someone to join a training, FB live, etc. It looks more inviting and draws the audience in.
  • Use your brand colors in your photos – not just in terms of what you’re wearing but also in the environment around you.
  • Get a mix of indoor and outdoor shots. The outdoor shots are usually less formal and can grab attention in someone’s social media timeline because the environment around you stands out.
  • All your photos don’t have to include your face. I use one with just my hands on the keyboard quite often, especially in social media posts.
  • Take a variety of photos where you aren’t centered but instead are to the far right or left in a landscape format photo – you want some white space in the photo where you can put some text. This is great for social media and ads.
  • Think about the types of things you tend to post about in Facebook groups and take photos that go along with those topics/themes. For example, I took one with a shirt that said “I’m blogging this” because I give advice on guest blogging frequently. The photo I use often is a Superman-style pose where all you see is the word “blogging” on the shirt. Perfect for those posts!
    Last but not least…
  • Show your personality!! These aren’t stuffy, boring stock photos. They’re meant to help you connect with new people! From the colors to the environment to props and your expressions, make sure you find a photographer who can bring the real YOU out in the photos.
    That’s the #1 reason I’m so in love with my photographer – because she GOT me. Figure that out when you’re interviewing people on the phone. Don’t go with the cheapest option. Go with the person who most clearly GETS you. Here are some of the shots she has taken for me – used in my instagram feed.
Jinny Coyle instagram image
Jinny Coyle instagram image
Jinny Coyle instagram image