When you buy an iPhone and don’t see the standard bitten apple at the back of the device, or see a different kind of fruit instead, you would know right away that you’re not buying the real stuff. That’s the power of branding.

One of my favorite designers says

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

– Seth Godin

Yes, it does incorporate your logo but beyond the logos and symbols, branding also includes your identifiable colors, voice, and even your intuitive appeal, whether your business is a serious type or in the ‘friendly neighborhood’ space. The great thing about branding is that this helps your loyal clients pick you out from the rest of the competition.

So what does social media have to do with your branding?

  • Introduces your profile.

Your social media could act as your PR personnel. Ensure that your profile section describes your product or service using all sufficient details as needed. If you’re the friendly type, this is where you add emojis to some details.

  • Facilitates cross-promotion.

Today’s social media platforms can be utilized to post in sync with each other. What you upload on Facebook could also be populated on Instagram. While this saves you time, it also introduces your business to an even wider group of markets.

  • Initiates engagement.

Because we’re now in the digital age, many customers also interact digitally. They could promote your brand by sharing, leaving a comment, or even just sending you a message of inquiry or feedback.

  • Tells a story.

With your different posts, you could also narrate different stories to your audience that draw their interest. This way, you don’t necessarily bombard them with your product or service, but you’re also telling them you’re genuinely interested in providing relevance and value.

To ensure that your social media has an active presence, you need to also make consistent posts on a regular basis. These posts need not be product or service-related as long as they are evergreen. The key is to maintain your social presence and build trust.

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