Stephanie had decided to rebrand her business. She knew exactly what she was going to change up and what she’d keep the same. Since she’d once been with a company who handled a rebranding poorly, she made the decision to do a few key things with her own rebrand…

Let Customers Know in Advance

The first thing Stephanie did was starting hinting at the changes to come on social media. She posted sneak peeks of her new logo and chatted about why she was excited for the coming change.

When you tell customers you’re planning to rebrand, introduce the idea slowly. Most people don’t like change and shy away from it. So it’s up to you to position this rebrand as a positive event that customers can look forward to.

Set a Timeline

Although she chose not to publicly reveal her timeline, Stephanie did create one. She noted down the important milestones she wanted to cover like switching her website ULR and choosing a new theme.

There are many decisions that go into creating a successful rebrand. It can be helpful if you have a timeline in place so you can make sure those changes are rolled out smoothly.

Plan for Delays

Don’t assume that everything will happen easily and quickly. It’s not uncommon to start on rebranding and realize you have to fix one or more things.

For Stephanie as she was moving her website, she realized her old one had been infected with a virus and there were still traces of it in her files.

Because she’d accounted for potential delays in her timeline, she didn’t feel stressed or troubled over this development. Instead, she hired an expert to clean her files and went on to the next phase of her plan.

Prepare for Customer Support

As you rebrand, you will probably get a higher volume of customer support issues. One client may not know where to login anymore. Another might not be getting your emails.

If you have a large customer base or if you’re already overwhelmed with client work, you may want to consider hiring a virtual assistant temporarily. Your VA can handle these common issues and resolve them for your customers in a timely manner.


Remember, you don’t have to get your rebranding done in a day. It’s OK if it takes you a few weeks to get everything sorted. It’s a lot like moving—some days, you’ll feel like there are boxes everywhere and you’re making no progress.

But rest assured that you are. When you’re done with this big rebranding process, you’ll be happier and better able to serve your customers.

Rebranding is delightful and thrilling! Approach it with a “can do” attitude and a positive mindset. Not only will the journey be easier but you’ll enjoy it more.

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