Are you on social media yet? Well of course you are, aren’t you?

That would look like a silly question, but if you’re an entrepreneur and you have a product or service to promote, social media is a great place to market. That’s how we say hello to the digital age.

In order to utilize the best social media portal for your business, you have to ensure that your visual content is strong enough. It has to be appealing, coherent to your caption, and consistent with your brand. Your want your audience to engage with your content.

Did you know that images have 65% more brain retention.

  • According to best-selling author John Medina in his book Brain Rules, if we associate information with an image, we remember 65% of that message three days later. If not, we will only retain 10% of the same message.

Twitter has three times more engagement when content includes images.

  • Social media platform Twitter also encouraged the use of visual content as these promote retweets and other responses three times more than regular tweets.

LinkedIn has a 98% higher comment rate on visual posts.

  • The social media platform for business leaders, LinkedIn, reports that messages or posts that are shared with images generate a comment rate 98% higher than simple pieces of information posted.

How do you best use this information? You can simply step up your social media by including visuals in your posts.

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to upload product-related posts all the time. Add some element of humour, inspiration, or current events. Not only will you create variety, but you will also maintain a regular presence on your social.

I rarely post about my products on my social platforms – I post so my audience gets to know me – I learned long ago that to play the long game in business your potential customers need to get to know you, like you & then trust you. Then they will buy from you.

But, what if you run out of ideas to post? Let’s face it. Nobody gets creative every day

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