When did you last try searching for a logo design idea or a dress to wear for an event? A new look for your office or even colour inspiration?

When it comes to inspiring images, Pinterest is one of the places that most search results will direct you to. There is a massive market waiting for you on Pinterest if you know how to pamper it.

So how are you utilizing Pinterest to make your business more visible online? I gathered these recommendations to get you started on lovin’ your Pinterest channel.

1. Know your specific audience

Once you know who you are targeting, you can focus on creating posts that will capture your niche’s interests. Getting specific with the demographics of your audience is a great way to start knowing who they are.

2. Post engaging content

Content is not just any picture plus some words you put in there. It has to be engaging, one that really captures the interest of your specific audience. Videos and images should meet Pinterest standards so you achieve the ideal traffic you want.

3. Be consistent in posting

To be consistent, posting one new pin each week at the very least is enough. Take note that Pinterest would help highly “suggest” your pins to other users if you post “fresh pins” or those newly designed pins. These should not be re-pins of your past posts. This creates more engagement in your account.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: How do I ensure that I have enough new designs to make “fresh pins” consistently? What if I actually run out of “fresh” ideas?

Well, I’ve got your back. I have designed sets of 120 professionally designed images that are ready for you to use, not only on Pinterest, but also on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve even added algorithm-friendly videos as a bonus!

KEEP IT SIMPLE SOCIAL: My KISSkits (‘Keep it Simple Social’ kits) are correctly sized for your specific social media channels. With quotes that are varied and thought-provoking, you can have fresh, evergreen posts every time.

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