Content curation is one of the biggest trends in content development, & there are several reasons for that.

  • It takes less time than traditional content development. You simply link to other people’s content, perhaps with a short excerpt, & add your own unique commentary.
  • It gives you content ideas you might not have thought of on your own. Browsing websites in your niche will let you find all sorts of ideas quickly & easily.
  • Google loves it when you link out to other sites. It’s not all about backlinks, anymore. Now it benefits you to link TO quality sites.

But there are a few pitfalls you might fall into when using content curation on your website. This guide is going to discuss some of those common mistakes people make, & how you can avoid making them on your own site.

In this eBook you’ll find out how to avoid potential legal problems, how to avoid mistakes that might upset Google & get your site penalized, & how to be sure you’re using content curation properly.

We also cover the following mistakes & explain why they are mistakes …

  1. Linking to poor quality content
  2. Using the same few resources
  3. Curating only blog posts
  4. Automating Content Curation
  5. Failing to Give Proper Attribution
  6. Using ONLY Curated Content
  7. Adding No Value
  8. Not Doing Keyword Research
  9. Being Faceless
  10. Having No Call to Action

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