SEO is a topic that is typically extremely misunderstood. Because things change so rapidly and so drastically in the arena, bad information and outdated information is circulated as truth more often than not, and even some so-called experts aren’t actually sure what’s true and what isn’t. Google and other search engines deliberately keep their algorithms secret, not only from their competition, but from those who might abuse the system if they knew for sure how it worked.

This means what information we do have is largely based on anecdotal evidence and second-hand information from other people who have performed testing and tracking to create an educated guess about what may or may not work.

Thankfully, we do have some information that is relatively certain to be correct. This is mostly based on thorough testing by SEO experts, so it can never be assured to be 100% accurate, however most of this information is generally agreed in the SEO world to be true.

There is one thing that is definitely agreed on by nearly every SEO expert out there, and that is that keywords are still important. They don’t work exactly the same way as they used to, but they are still a very important part of SEO, and that’s what we are going to concentrate on in this guide.

Keywords will probably always be a vital component of SEO, because that’s the primary thing search engines use to rank websites when people search for specific terms, however how those keywords are used has changed significantly over the past few years.

In this free eBook you’ll learn more about the importance of keywords, and how to find the right ones and make sure you’re using them correctly. The book explains the following

  • Keyword Use has Changed
  • 5 Keywords in 2018 & beyond
  • Keyword tyoes
  • Keyword Tools Compared
  • List of Resources

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