Lots of start-up businesses need to get a handle on taking photos of their stock & it’s not always realistic to hire a pro photographer. To DIY photographs, there’s a load of things you’ll have to learn … what’s the best camera for you, what’s the right lighting, additional equipment & the list goes on and on. Being a beginner can be discouraging but it’s important in your business to showcase your wares then you just have to soldier on & do what you have to do. Once you get past all the difficult stuff you’re sure be taking some awesome photos. To help set you on the right track here are some photography tips for beginners.

Learn Your Camera

As a start-up photographer this is by far one of the most important tips. Every photographer needs to get to know their particular camera and its different modes. Even the most basic camera will have certain modes that’ll enhance the photos you take. Learn how to use them and what they’re for. The manual mode allows you to specify everything. But you’ll also have automatic mode which basically lets the camera take it’s best guess when taking a picture. Finally, you have the programmed mode which pre-determined certain characteristics in common photographs such as landscape & portrait..

Photography can be a fun thing to get into but sometimes it can be a pain to learn everything there is to know. You will eventually get everything down, the key to being a successful photographer is not giving up. I hope these few photography tips for beginners will help you on your journey to becoming a skilled photographer in you business.


You’ll probably hear from almost everyone who is a photographer that lighting is VERY important!. You need good lighting when taking pictures to give whatever it is you’re photographing some dimension. But not just that, lighting is magical, the right lighting can completely transform your photographs. So take the time to set up proper lighting –  it can make or break a picture.

Rule of Thirds

Photography Tips

This is a very common thing to skip when learning photography, not everyone tells you about the rule of thirds and it is a crucial part of taking photos. There’s no need to panic either, it’s really easy to learn. Contrary to what many people think,  your photos will look better if your subject isn’t centered, these days every phone/digital camera comes with a grid option. This lays two horizontal lines over two vertical lines, splitting the image into 9 sections. So for better composition, all you need to do is enable the grid when taking a photo and place items of visual interest either on the lines or at their intersections.

Change Your Viewpoint

When taking photographs of anything it is always a good idea to change up your viewpoint. Don’t take all your photos holding the camera at eye level, that just becomes boring and repetitive, all your photos will look the same. Move the camera around go up, down, or angle it. It gives your photos a whole new perspective and makes them more unique.

Do you have any tips for beginning photographers you’d like to add to this list? If so please share in the comments! oh & if you really just want to use stock images we have the ultimate list of free stock image sites right here.