Pros and Cons of AI in Content Creation

In today’s highly digital age, artificial intelligence permeates almost all industries and content creation is no different. AI technology is rapidly gaining momentum throughout all facets of businesses, including the world of content creation.

Using AI technologies, companies can have more sophisticated graphics, search engine optimisation, and more. While traditionally, some of the best graphics and written content have been created by a team of web designers and copywriters, with the help of AI tools, even people with limited designing and writing skills can now let the content build themselves. For instance, Canva has introduced Text to Image (Beta) which allows users to create unique images from simple descriptions within seconds.


For instance, Canva has introduced Text to Image (Beta) which allows users to create unique images from simple descriptions within seconds. Another useful AI tool that allows users to create stunning images in just a few clicks is (Bonus: is offering 50% off their lifetime deal at the moment – don’t miss it!)

But, are AI tools really worth using? To answer this question, let’s explore some of the pros and cons of using AI in content creation.


Here are some of the advantages of using AI technologies when creating content:

  • Speed: One of the biggest advantages of using AI is speed. For instance, Canva’s Text to Image (Beta) tool allows users to create unique images in just a few seconds! Similarly, allows users to create breathtaking graphics in just a few steps. In terms of written copy, AI content generators like Closers Copy can help you produce as much written contents as you want – an AI content generator automates the content writing process for you, so you can save time and money.  Simply feed the AI content generator a keyword, and it will create written work within minutes!
  • Experience and skill are NOT necessary: One of the best things about using AI tools like Canva’s Text to Image (Beta) and is that you can create beautiful graphics – even without experience or artistic skill. So, how does it work? Simple – you just need to feed the system with descriptions of the image you want, and the AI tool will take it from there! Yes, it really is that easy.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): AI content generators use deep learning tools to absorb the information of thousands of documents online. Thus, they’re able to choose what keywords will be best for SEO purposes. By using smart keywords throughout the articles that they produce, AI content generators ensure that the content they create for you will be more likely to show up at the top of search engine results pages.

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Using AI offers a lot of benefits for content creation, but it has certain disadvantages, too. Here are some of the drawbacks of AI content generators:

  • Still requires human editing input. While an AI content generator will get the writing and designing done for you, it’ll still be your responsibility to review the material they’ve created and edit it in the way you see fit. While AI content generators will save you a lot of time in the content creation process, you’ll still need to make space in your schedule to quality-check the content they produce. 
  • Lack of innovation. AI tools use a specific set of algorithms to produce results. They can’t go beyond those parameters, so you can’t always achieve that extra ‘oomph’ you need to make your content stand out. Excessive use of AI content generators will make every written and visual content look the same. People, despite the errors they make, add a certain uniqueness to the graphics and written pieces they produce; with AI, this is completely lost.

The Bottom Line

AI content generators like Canva’s Text to Image (Beta),, and Closers Copy are innovative forms of technology that allow users to streamline the creative process of building their business brand online. AI content generators use information from all around the internet to create engaging, accurate content while saving you time and money.

So, would you consider using an AI content generator to produce written and visual content for your business? Tell us in comments…

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