Google constantly rolls out updates to help improve the way search engines work and with the aim to enhance the overall experience of end users. Among the most recent updates is Google’s ‘Helpful Content Update’. So, what’s this update all about – and why is it essential to write for humans, not robots?

Google Helpful Content Update: What Is It?

At its core, Google’s Helpful Content Update puts people first. With this update, Google is prioritising content written by people for people, instead of pieces written purely to rank on search engines.

With Google’s Helpful Content Update, Google doesn’t just analyse every post to rank each piece of content – it will also analyse your content as a whole. From there, it will give a ‘signal’ related to all of your domains, judging whether your content is of quality or not as a whole. So, if the majority of your content is low quality and is simply stuffed with keywords to rank on search engines, it’s highly likely that your position on SERPs will drop, even if some of your articles are considered high quality.

Why You Should Write for Humans, Not Robots

Doing business online is all about credibility and visibility. People will come to you only if they can easily find you. However, reaching an audience can be difficult, especially in today’s highly competitive online world. So, how do you gain a competitive edge? This is where SEO content writing becomes beneficial.

SEO content writing is a highly versatile and effective marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. But, to stay competitive you need your audience to see you – which means you need to rank high on search results. Yes, ranking on SERPs is important; however, simply publishing content for the sake of it (i.e. posting high volumes of content stuffed with keywords to rank on search engines), won’t cut it any more thanks to Google’s Helpful Content Update.

This update emphasises the importance of writing for humans, not robots. But, why is this so important?

When you write for humans instead of SERPs, you can bridge the gap between your business and audience. The gap between you and your target audience can be one of the biggest factors responsible for your business failure. After all, how will you sell your products or services if you can’t connect with consumers? Through writing relevant, engaging, and person-centred content – not just AI-generated content stuffed with keywords to help you rank on search engines – you can overcome this gap and connect with your target audience.

Write for your target audience – think about what they want to know, appeal to their emotions, and answer their questions – don’t just publish articles simply to rank on SERPs.

The Bottom Line

Remember: Your focus should be humans, not Google. Focus on writing for humans instead of robots; not only will you safeguard your website from the effects of Google’s Helpful Content Update, but you’ll produce high-quality content that will help you connect with your audience better.

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