Is running your business a juggling act? Was your plan to start keeping track of your time better in this year? If it was, you aren’t alone.

One of the most challenging things you’ll learn in business is also one of the most difficult things you’ll learn in life – how to juggle it all. Whether you’re a full-time entrepreneur, a mum juggling a business & kidlets, of working for the man while growing your business on the side, and there will always be more to do in each day than there is time to do it. Always. That doesn’t mean we don’t try or that we aren’t getting things done, in fact it’s usually much the opposite. If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs and business-minded women you’re getting a lot done … but there’s always more! Most of us have a never ending to-do list.

Productivity. Getting things done. Keeping on track. They’re the hardest nuts to crack, aren’t they? The good news is that humans have always been busy. It’s not a new development . Mark Twain once said that one should: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”. While I don’t think it’s necessary to go quite to that extreme, prioritizing is definitely important. Jotting down items that need to be done versus the ones that ‘it would be nice to complete’ you’ll find you get more of the important things done. (And who doesn’t want that?)

What Method Works for You?

Between life and work, our to-do lists alone can stretch on forever. Virtual reminders and lists seem to be an ever-present reminder that possibilities, as well as things we must do, can be infinite. If you’re like most people, you might even utilise multiple methods to keep your thoughts and schedule straight. Between productivity and scheduling solutions like Asana, Trello, Google Calendar (that list goes on too!) you may have your tasks spread out across a variety of platforms. I know a writer, Sarah, who at any given time is juggling multiple deadlines for herself, the websites she writes for, and her copywriting clients. Sarah used to have different online solutions co-ordinated with each client. Now she has switched back to using paper to-do lists and planners. She found that, on top of managing the different accounts, that those digital to-do lists managing of all her deadlines got too overwhelming. That is when she discovered bullet journaling. Now she finds is much more manageable for her to knock off bullet journal pages of bulleted points for each publishing outlet or client project.

#TOPTIP: If you find that you have too much going on, categorise your to-dos and focus on one area at a time.

Of course that’s easy to say, but when you have a lot to do is that it’s easy to fold under the pressure. (This is true even once you’ve categorised all the things on your plate.) You might be at the point where just switching to a different method of managing your time sounds overwhelming. (Especially if you’re converting from something like Trello and have gotten accustomed to all the bells and whistles.) That’s also because when you already feel overwhelmed it’s difficult to get anything started. We’ve all been there. You have that moment where you’re sitting and staring at the full page of things you need to complete, and looking at everything all at once can make it impossible to determine where to begin. You don’t know what’s important, because there’s JUST. SO. MUCH.

Bullet Journal pdf fileThat’s why I like bullet journaling. Bullet journaling is a systematic approach combining wish lists, to do list, planning and priorities into a fully personalized list, journal, plan.

The downside is that you have to set up the framework – yep, that takes time (which you don’t have) so I’ve done the hard work for you in a downloadable pdf file which you can print as needed. I’ve taken everything back to the bare bones origins of the bullet journal. I wanted to strip bullet journaling down to the skeleton so you can make it your own. That said, you won’t find any haughty quotes here. You won’t find illustrations to distract from the real priority – the stuff you’re trying to accomplish. If you need your planner to be pretty you’re free to customize it using colour, doodles, post it notes – whatever makes sense for you. The strength of the bullet journal is in the customization process, and that should be 100% you.

I’ve found bullet journaling makes it easier than digitalized reminder lists. You can include as much or as little as you want on any given page, and have different pages for different priority tasks if you like.


Our 25 page professionally designed printable BULLET JOURNAL includes

  • a guide for how to use the system (2 pages)
  • index
  • future log (2 pages)
  • monthly log (12 pages)
  • weeks daily log (example + 2 pages)
  • collections
  • habit tracker
  • blank (2 pages)

All you need after purchase is a ring binder, hole punch & a printer.

You can include as much or as little as you want on any given page, and have different pages for different priority tasks as well. What have you got to loose except your big, long, to-do list?

File is a 13.5mb .pdf file