and how BuJo (Bullet Journals) Help

Winston Churchill is credited with the saying that the person who fails to plan is planning to fail. No wonder he made great strides toward success as a world leader. Indeed, the rewards of planning are waiting for those who are diligent enough to do it.

So how do you set your plans up? Different people use different methods. Some prefer the simplified writing of to-do lists while others want the control of a whole calendar of activities and deadlines. Regardless of how you do yours, it is undeniable that planning makes your goals happen.

Enter the bullet journal.

Originally conceptualised by New York City designer Ryder Carroll, Bullet Journaling (BuJo) is a unique planning method for a busier you. Its simplified system sets it apart from the rest of the planning methods we know.

How, you ask?

This journaling method keeps all your busy thoughts, agenda, schedules, and to-do’s in one place. It uses a simple mark system so even when you’re in the middle of taking a client call or having  “me” time, when a random thought or plan strays in your head, you can jot it down right away. You will never have to forget an idea again or misplace your to-do list ever. What’s even more amazing is that you only need a pen and paper to implement this planning system.

With a bullet journal, you can, even more, enjoy the key advantages of making a plan.

  1. Planning anticipates problems and prepares solutions: A carefully planned activity also means you have prepared around two to three alternatives in case the original setup doesn’t work.
  2. Planning boosts self-confidence: Having a plan about something gives you a sense of control. If you are fully knowledgeable of what’s going to happen next, then you are confident about what your next step is going to be.
  3. Planning strengthens decision-making ability: Making a plan also helps you to check out and weigh your options, so that when you have foreseen the outcomes, then you can decide correctly.
  4. Planning focuses on accomplishment.: The main intent of making a plan is always the thought of completing a task or hitting a goal. A plan that is carefully laid out helps the planner to truly reach accomplishment.

Now here’s the thing. Making your own BuJo could be time-consuming. For that reason, Enterprise By Design has done the hard work of setting up the templates so all you have to do is print your PDF bullet journal out, grab the hole punch & insert the pages into an A4 folder. Voila! Your bullet journal is all set and ready for you!

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