Get More Traffic to your website

Of all the tech question that I’m asked on a regular basis, the ones that pop up the most often are around SEO. Getting your website to rank in search engines is essential to driving traffic to your business. One of the easiest ways to get new visitors that doesn’t require leg work on your part in terms of sharing content on social media or contributing to other websites is making sure your webpages and blog posts are all search engine optimised. When you’ve put SEO in place, people will turn up on your website doorstep whenever they are seeking solutions for problems you can solve or google questions that your content can answer.

SEO, at its roots, isn’t all that complicated once you know what’s going on. The hard part is learning what’s happening & keeping up to date with changes in the rules. it is easy to get lost when we discuss the particulars of how to do it. If you haven’t mastered the art of SEO yet and are looking for pointers, I’ve created a simple download that breaks down the basics and will help you make sense of SEO best practices. It covers lots of terms and strategies you have probably heard and been curious about. I explain keywords that you’ve been confused by, discuss how you can utilize good practices to stay out of trouble with search engines and begin ranking higher. Keep in mind, if there’s a tactic you’ve heard about that isn’t listed in my download, it may not be listed because it’s actually a dodgy practice. There are some shady things people do with SEO that Google and other search engines will punish you for trying. Although I’ve said it’s simple, you do need to tread carefully around SEO. There is a great deal of mis-information out there, which is why I wanted to share what I know and offer resources if you’d like to go beyond what I can teach you.)

For a more in-depth look at the ins and outs of SEO, my go-to SEO guru is Kate Toon from . She has a knack for making what can be a difficult to get your head around and highly technical subject into an easily digestible, and dare I say it, fun ride. Her 10 Day SEO challenge is a great starting place to expand on what I provide in my free download, and the challenge will teach you the basics of Search Engine Optimization. In Kate’s own words …

“So many businesses put SEO on the back burner, because it appears to be too hard, too confusing or too expensive. But the truth is that SEO is not rocket science. Any business owner can learn the basics, and then choose to DIY. Even if you do decide to outsource your SEO, with your extra knowledge, you’ll understand their services better and get more bang for your buck!”

If you follow her direction, the challenge can help you achieve boosts in your Google ranking in just 10 days WITHOUT implementing the shady tactics and back door slights of hand that some alleged “SEO Experts” recommend or implement for a substantial fee, all this for a bite-size $27.95AUD*.

Not sure what I mean when I mention back door tactics and shady practices? A great example of a popular get around from the early web days was adding high ranking keywords in the same colour as the background. The user couldn’t see them, but Google would read them & think that was what the website was about. These workarounds may work for a while but when the Google God discovers them – bam – you are sent to the naughty corner! Other  shady practices like paying for backlinks and using keywords users can’t see are some of the many the things that will get your website put into time out.

For even more help with SEO, Kate’s brand spanking new “Good Karma SEO” course  is a 5 day mini course designed to help you take your knowledge to the next level. She has designed it to be taken after you’ve implemented the strategies from her 10 Day SEO challenge. At $19.97AUD* , this course is developed for when you want to make an even more substantial impact on your website’s search engine ranking. You’ll get an email each day with a simple, achievable SEO task as well as admission into a private Facebook group where she’ll share more tips and tricks for improving your ranking. One of the best parts about purchasing this course is knowing you’ll receive regular videos answering questions from the online community and access to the additional challenges on her website which are password protected/for students only.

For those who want to dig deep into the art of SEO and make some real changes for their business Kate is also revising & updating her hero 8 week ecourse. If you’re interested in this, make sure you visit the page and get added to her wait list. Places are limited and once she opens enrollment the spaces in the course will sell out quickly! I know this because I’ve done her course!

While you wait for Kate’s other offerings, make sure you download my free SEO eBook. It introduces

  • basic SEO
  • basic wordpress settings
  • choosing an SEO plugin
  • google webmaster tools
  • google analytics
  • page speed
  • crosslink posts
  • social signals & backlinks

With this knowledge under your belt you’ll have a decent handle on the content Kate’ll elaborate on in her teaching. It can take several days for search engines to acknowledge the changes you’ve made, so don’t panic if you implement changes based on my suggestions or those of my SEO guru and don’t see an immediate change.

* correct at time of writing (January 2017) ex GST for Aussies