Wordpress LogoWordPress is the by far the most popular open source (free to use) content management system (CMS) in use. As of December 2015 76.5 million* blogs were built using the WordPress platform & 25% of all websites use wordpress. 50,000* new wordpress sites are launched daily. That is mind-blowing! Whether you are learning to build your own WP site or have had a wordpress site built for you you need to understand how it works & that can be a challenge. At Enterprise by Design we want you to have access to quick & easy tutorials to help you get familiar with your site or just refresh your memory when you are having a ‘brain-dead’ moment. Our videos are quick, no fluff. Most of them are only around a minute long. I hope you enjoy them & find this resource useful … bookmark this page, share it with your team & collegues. If you find a video particularly useful, let us know of post the article to your social media platforms.

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This is a compilation of a number of videos put together by WPBeginner where they walk us through common questions WordPress Beginners ask.


Search this series – there are so many tutorials in here & my logic of ordering them may not be the same as yours.


WordPress 101 : Posts & Comments

WORDPRESS POSTS & COMMENTS Are you looking to show posts from a specific category on your WordPress site? The default WordPress method is the recent posts widget that shows posts from all categories but we have a few methods for showing the posts by...

WordPress 101 : Starting out in WordPress

BEFORE YOU BEGIN Are you ready to start your website in 2018? With this new year many people are looking to create their own site and we've helped hundreds of people get started with their WordPress sites and we're here to help you too. In this video we'll...

SEO: using the Yoast WordPress plug-in

Getting your website to rank in search engines is essential to driving traffic to your business. One of the easiest ways to get new visitors that doesn’t require leg work on your part in terms of sharing content on social media or contributing to other...

WordPress 101 : Images in WordPress

IMAGES IN WORDPRESS Have you been saving images incorrectly? Most beginners don't know how to save images for optimum website speed. In this video, WPBeginner shows you how to save images optimized for WordPress. Some images on sites have small text below...


wordpress-Tutorials-1 Starting out

I’d love to hear your about your wordpress experiences, drop them in the comments below.

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