Getting your website to rank in search engines is essential to driving traffic to your business. One of the easiest ways to get new visitors that doesn’t require leg work on your part in terms of sharing content on social media or contributing to other websites is making sure your webpages and blog posts are all search engine optimised. In this article we want to introduce you to the YOAST plug-in for WordPress.
In this series of videos, Yoast SEO plug-in founder Joost de Valk walks us through common questions users ask about Yoast & SEO.


Privacy Policies on your website
Joost discusses the merits of having a privacy page on your site. Is this beneficial for SEO, & are there other reasons to have one?

How to use breadcrumbs for products in multiple categories.

Meta Descriptions & Excerpts
What can you do if you want meta descriptions and excerpts to have the same text. Is that considered duplicate content?

How to rank globally
In this Ask Yoast we answer the following question:
“Our website ranks very well in Sri Lanka, however we’d like to rank globally. We’ve already specified “Unlisted” in Google Search Console with the intention of ranking worldwide. On our Facebook page 75% of likes is from Sri Lanka. Could this be an issue?”

Off-topic Comments
How to handle blog posts that will expire?
Yoast answers SEO questions from our readers. This time, he tells how blog posts should be handled if they are simply announcing a current special, sale or something else that will expire and not be relevant the next month. “Well, you don’t handle the SEO of that. To be honest there are a lot of posts on our site that we don’t optimize for specific keywords, we don’t do specific things to make that post rank. Just because we don’t care. It’s literally an announcement. In our redesign we actually created a category Announcements and any post in there will usually not be optimized for a specific keyword. We will just let it go. We actually are thinking about hiding that category on some of our overview pages, because in the long run those post might not be as interesting to read. But they might be very interesting for people to read when they’re visiting your About us page or other pages on your site. So these posts have a value for your brand and your business, but just don’t have an SEO value. And that’s fine, there is no need to worry about that.”

How deep should my site structure be?
“How deep can I make the site structure of my blog? Can I make it for instance:

Why and how minify JS and CSS
Google Pagespeed
How important is Google Pagespeed for SEO?

The importance of keyword strategy
Is keyword strategy still important? Explaining the importance of keyword strategy.

Video on YouTube or on my own site
Ask Yoast answers this question
“I’m going to add a third party video, which I have permission to use, to my website. It’s already hosted on YouTube. Should I put the files on my own server or should I leave them on YouTube instead?”

Add profile to online platforms?
Should I add my business profile to online platforms?

301 or 302 redirect?
Joost explains on which occasion you should use a 301 and when use should use a 302 redirect.

Redirecting your site to non-www and HTTPS
Why use the excerpt? Isn't it duplicate content?
Joost answers a question about using stop words in your focus keywords.

Does the order of my focus keyword matter?
“For long tail keywords that will be searched for with equal frequency with the words in different order, which would be best practice? a. Use one long tail focus keyword b. Use 5 different focus keywords with one focus keyword”

How to handle duplicate content
Question: How do you handle duplicate content if you sell products on multiple channels (Etsy, Ebay, etc.) do descriptions vary greatly?”

Google Search Console
How to connect Yoast SEO with Google Search Console

www or not
To www or not to www. Joost answers the dilemma.

Fix old website or start new one?
When you have a site with a lot of outdated content should you try to fix it or start all over with a new site? Watch Joost’s answer in the video!

Buy multiple extensions of a domain?
Is is a good idea to buy multiple extensions (TLDs) of a domain?

Noindex outdated content?


SEO tactics for link building
“What tactics should I be using for my blog to obtain quality relevant links?”

Getting Sitelinks
In this video, Joost discusses sitelinks and what it takes to get them.

Link building
Joost explains why you shouldn’t buy links!

Internal links and SEO
What can you do if you want them to have the same text, and is that considered duplicate content?

Can backlinks also hurt my site?
Joost answers this question: “I recently had a post on Tumblr that was reblogged and resulted in 9000 links to my page, making Tumblr and that post the most link sending post. Will these thousands of links cause a Penguin penalty and hurt my rankings?”

How many internal links per page?


Lower rankings without HTTPS?
what you should do if you suspect your site’s rankings have lowered because you don’t use HTTPS.

Security measures new domain
If you move to a new domain are there any security measures you should take?

Taxonomies in XML sitemap
“Should I include taxonomies, like tags/categories in my XML sitemap?”


eCommerce plugins
In this AskYoast, Joost discusses eCommerce plugins. Which eCommerce plugin does Joost recommend?

Duplicate content issues on my shop?
Out of stock products on your site
Should I optimize all of my product pages?
“In my online shop, should I aim to get the SEO ‘green light’ on each individual product?”



Rich Snippets
Marieke wants to know how to use rich snippets for her booksite. Joost explains…
Joost explains how there are different types of structured data markup.

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