otherwise titled: technology is not for the faint-hearted

Let's tlak images imageSo today I did my first facetime live &, I hate to admit it, but it sucked big time!

  • not because I hadn’t prepared – I spent all day yesterday preparing.
  • not because I didn’t know my material – I’ve spent decades becoming an expert in my field.
  • not because I forgot to set my alarm – I was there 50 minutes before I was due to start, checking, testing, double checking!

None of those things. I simply bit off more than I could chew. In my great wisdom I decided to go all fancy-pants & try to setup screen-share so I could visually show what I was teaching about.

It was to be a power session called “Let’s Talk Images” file formats | file size | file quality & it’s pretty hard to show the difference between vectors & bitmaps by voice alone!

I think I did okay, people said they learned a lot even without the video, but right at the end I found out my screen share wasn’t working so no-one could see what I was doing or showing! GRRRRR


& there’s always a but isn’t there? The good thing is that it has meant that I’ve cut out all the dodgy bits out with quick & dirty editing & can now make it available for all my favorite peeps to see.

Watch the video below & if you have questions or comments ask away at the bottom of the page in the comments.

NOTE: I did this before I got my almighty Yeti microphone so turn your volume up!

If you want to know more out the 4 steps to mastery you can read the full article here.