getting your legals right can save trouble down the track ...

getting your legals right can save trouble down the track!

It’s sad but true, many newbie business owners get into trouble because they don’t get get their legals in place before opening their doors! Why is that? Well, there are a number of reasons …

  • they just don’t think of it
  • lawyers are expensive, they don’t have the budget
  • “she’ll be right mate” attitude (very Aussie)
  • they don’t know what they need
  • they don’t think they need any legals
But as business owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure that your legal policies are up to date and compliant. It’s a bit like insurance, no one likes paying their premiums  – until something happens when they thank god they have it!

Now, I’m not a legal eagle but I have been around for a few (uhmm) decades & I’ve learned a bit in that time.

It all depends on your business but I’m going to throw off some legal documents you may need, just off the top of my head…


  • co-founder agreement
  • shareholders agreement
  • intellectual property agreement


  • refund policy
  • contract with your landlord
  • credit application
  • bill of sale
  • tax invoice



  • shareholders agreement
  • company registration


  • confidentiality agreement
  • non-disclosure agreement
  • tax invoice
  • letter of demand


  • services agreements
  • NDA’s
  • contractors
  • employment contracts


legal health check

When I first went into business I paid around $700AUD to have a confidentiality agreement  / NDA drawn up. Wow! That was a massive expense for my fledgling business but it was essential so I could protect my business as I was hiring contractors to work on specific projects. I am really excited because I recently discovered ♥MyLawPath. I love it because for a small monthly fee I now have unlimited access to 200+ legal documents, free consultations from ♥MyLawPath’s  600+ network of lawyers as well as expert legal advise at every stage of your business.

I highly recommend that, if you’re new to business, head along & create an account at ♥MyLawPath & get a FREE ♥legal health check done before you start. This clever technology analyses your information against key criteria and then recommends the next steps you need to take to keep your business compliant. This then allows you to budget the documents you will need to protect yourself.

Even if you’ve been around for a while it’s worth ♥getting a check done just to make sure you’re still covered & compliant. The Legal Health Check will find the legal gaps in your business and then through a customised ♥legal health report, they will provide you with a quick, insightful assessment of where your business may be at risk before offering tailored recommendations and access to the tools and products you’ll need to keep your business compliant.

Honestly, it’s a no brainer!

What legals do you have for your business? We’d love to hear from you, please post a comment below…