2017 Social Media Calendar

FREE 2017 Social Media Calendar

There are some tasks that always seem to fall by the wayside when things get busy. One of those things is content marketing. Writing blog posts, social media updates, and newsletters can become a struggle. Often the problem during busy times is just not knowing what to write about. Last year I released a social media calendar to help folk come up with ideas when they’re feeling brain dead. It’s challenging to be at the top of your game in business and in content marketing all the time, and when you’re juggling a trillion tasks & responsibilities it gets even harder. It can be especially tough when you’re trying to plan for when you’ll be away from the ‘office’. How can you keep in touch with your tribe when you’ll be off the grid?

That’s why we created another FREE social media and content planning calendar this year. It’s a brighter, more colourful version than last year’s, but still in Excel so you can add any significant business dates like when you’ve scheduled launches, conferences, or when the kidlets will be on school holidays. When you know that Jan 28 is “National Kazoo Day” & “Read in the Bath Tub Day” is on February 9, it’s easy to create and schedule blog posts to keep your tribe entertained & engaged. This years calendar also includes some days that have recognized hashtags which will help people find your posts and join the conversation.

Sometimes increased visibility is just a matter of taking part in a trending topic discussion or adding a relevant hashtag! Do note: this year we didn’t include religious holidays and festivals for the most part, except for a few of the biggies like Christmas and Easter.

So go for it! Go through the calendar, add your personal significant dates and then print and laminate the pages so you’ll be ready for what’s to come!