March 2017 wallpaperDid you know that March 15 is true confessions day or that the 29th is Smoke & Mirrors day or that March 31 is World backup day so you have at least one data backup per year (well I guess that was before cloud storage came about)?

Download your free March 2017 “Days of the Year” wallpaper for your favorite device be it desktop or laptop, tablet or phone. If you’re not sure how to change your wallpaper – you’ll find instructions for most devices here.

March 2017 wallpapers

Grab your files here:

download & unzip the zip file & add as your wallpaper

I hope you find it valuable. Feel free to touch base anytime.


Just to spice it up a bit we’ve also got a full month of daily memes that you can use for your social media – add your own twist in the post & ask questions to increase engagement.

Here is a glimpse of week one (March 1-7)

March week 1 days 1-7

& week 2: March 8-14

March week 2: days 8-14

& week 3: March 15-21

& week 4: March 22-28

March week 4 days 22-28

& week 4 & a 1/2: March 29-31

March 29-31 free social memes


download & unzip, then schedule your memes using your favorite tool.

I hope they give you a daily giggle.

These are absolutely free, as in no ‘opt-in’ is required to download them however, if you love ’em & decide to  jump on our list we’ll let you know when we have new freebies…