It’s no secret that blogging can start to get boring. Whether you’ve hit a wall, you’re experiencing writer’s block, or you’ve just got tired because of all the things that are involved with keeping a blog fresh & exciting, despair no more!

There are ways to refresh yourself and re-ignite that spark that got you started blogging in the first place. I’m going to share a few tips with you on how to make blogging fun again.

Reach Out

One of the best things you can do if you start feeling bored with blogging is to reach out. communicate with your audience or find other bloggers in your niche to chat with and potentially get inspired again. A huge part of getting bored when blogging is that it gets lonely in the virtual world so, by reaching out you’re not only battling that loneliness, but you may get some brilliant inspiration and tips from those you’re reaching out to.

Set Realistic Goals

Most every blogger sets goals for themselves which is a very good practice, the only problem is that most of the bloggers set their goals WAY too high and then, either get upset they didn’t reach those goals, or they get frustrated and burn themselves out trying really hard to reach their goals. So when you go to set your goals try to remember that baby steps work well, then just keep working your way up.

Simplify Your Content

Getting caught up in wondering if your articles sound or read right becomes exhausting. Most bloggers spend hours upon hours editing and fretting about what people will think. This is a huge part that takes away the fun of blogging, so make it less stressful on yourself and make your content simple by developing a style of your own, write like you’re talking to a friend.

Change it up

Another major part of blogging is that so many people have it in their minds that they need to stick to the niche they chose, if that’s what makes you happy then, by all means, keep on doing it. But it’s your blog, so you have the open range to do WHATEVER you want to do. If you’re getting bored with writing about the same old stuff, take a leap and change things up!


Bloggers you know how much time is spent sitting at home working non-stop. Overworking yourself will burn you out no matter what you’re working on. So make time out for yourself, go outside, spend some time with family or friends, or even take an entire day off away from your computer. If you need to work then maybe try and do it somewhere besides home, like the park or a local coffee shop. A change of scenery is will definitely make blogging fun again.

Don’t let the boring patches ruin your blog that you’ve lovingly built. I know when it comes to being bored you feel like you’ve reached the end. That’s rarely true. Use these few tips on how to make blogging fun again and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to conquer those dry spells.

Do you know of any other ways on how to make blogging fun again? Have you tried any of these methods to help you out? Please share your ideas in the comments!