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More than ever, woman are turning their backs on the 9-5 work week to build their own VA businesses. The reasons are many but Bankwest senior analyst Tim Crawford says …

“Most people start a business for the lifestyle and the flexibility it allows – they want to be in charge of what they’re doing” he continued “One of the real trends … stronger growth in the number of women … running a small business by themselves, often part-time at first, while raising children.”

ExD is the brainchild of Jinny Coyle, who has worked in the design industry since the days before digital design so she really knows her stuff! She was an early adopter of digital technology, has a BA in Multimedia & is a qualified workplace trainer.

Over several  years Jinny has followed many facebook group discussions where women in business have sought design & branding advise, only to be given incorrect information or to be cut down by so called experts for being naive. She has seen many new businesses disappointed by crowd-sourced work (99 designs & fiverr) because they didn’t know what to ask for & how to select the best contractors for their requirements.

Not one to sit on her hands & do nothing, Jinny saw a need for easily accessible information, education & training for Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers & DIY small business owners who want run their business more effectively by garnering the power of their branding & efficiently by learning how to use the tools available to them.

and so Enterprise by design was born …

Win a pack of 6 eBooks for your VA business

Businesses in 2023 are relying more heavily on virtual assistants than ever before. In turn VA’s are expected to offer an expanded skill-set. One of these services is design for social media & blog graphics as well as web-sites. There are loads of cost effective tools at our disposal which can help us to service our clients (canva is the image king at the moment & wordpress is in fierce competition with squarespace for web fame) – but these programs & platforms are simply the tools we use to get the job done … they are a means to an end! They will never replace the skill & knowledge of the user.

Unless we understand the theory behind design we will never be able to become truly skilled. This is why Enterprise by Design is developing a Learning Lab. The Learning Lab is designed to take you beyond the tools & help you to understand what makes a good design. Through courses, templates, eBooks & workbooks, the lab will give you the confidence to tackle more powerful tools that will help you to compete in, what is becoming, a crowded market.

Understanding design tools, rules & theory & how they fit into the marketing mix will help you to

  • gain confidence in your abilities
  • add to your service offerings
  • make more money

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Branding Bootcamp

eBook - 10 Website Blunders 2016

10 Website Blunders

Color Your Brand

free WordPress SEO eBook

WordPress SEO 101

Canva Fonts eBook

Canva Fonts : scroll no more!

SEO Keyword Mastery